In this section you can find a lot of different activities which are not only cultural but also socially oriented.
Sometimes it's too difficult for us to choose which section we assign each activity, but we hope you will like our offer and you will find your favourite events here too.

Theatre tickets

Theatre tickets
You can choose & order tickets online via Rofrano. Please, do so at least 10 days prior to the performance date. In certain cases we can also handle more urgent deliveries. All tickets will be delivered to Palace Flora on weekly basis. Once you receive price qutation from Rofrano, please transfer points via Flexxtyle  (+0 CZK //  +50 CZK) and send us email confirmation of that transfer with details of the tickets you have ordered. Thank you and enjoy your theatre visits via Social Club!

Ticket price with no delivery costs (for SC members). // Ticket price plus 50 CZK per delivery (for others).

Anyone can choose any ticket via Rofrano.

When placing online order at Rofrano and paying via Social Club / Flexxtyle, please choose delivery: "BSC Social Club o.s., Payment via Flexxtyle".
The tickets will be delivered to Pavla Vinklarova and she will inform you when you can pick them up from her (Flora, Lux building, B_324_b).

Family ticket to the Prague ZOO

ZOO discount

Social Club was raising funds for the Prague ZOO in 2012 and together with our members we sponsored Ocelot. If you want to see him, feel free to ask for the Family card from SC and go to visit the ZOO at any time.

The card will be available to you for any date. As soon as you know when you and your family want to visit Prague ZOO, let us know via email and copy Ramses. If you prefer, you can call Ramses directly (Skype: +420 296 583 267), should your request be urgent. We need to know which date you wish to get the Family ZOO card from us and for how many people to confirm the chosen date is still available.

Normal admission fee to the Prague ZOO is 200 CZK per person and 150 CZK for a child. Thease are your discounted options with group of visitors Social Club:
  150 CZK for one person (must be a member of SC)
  250 CZK for two persons (only one must be a member of SC)
  350 CZK for three persons (only one must be a member of SC)
  450 CZK for four persons (only one must be a member of SC)

As soon as you know the date, please let us know, so we can book the date and reserve the card for you. The day before your visit, you can pick up the ZOO card from Ramses and you will need to return it the day after. If you want the card for Saturday or Sunday, you will need to pick it up on Friday and return it on Monday.