The social part of Social Club is going to make people to meet each other and help each other!!!

We are preparing activities where people will be learning new things, making friends, having fun together, exploring foreign countries and cultures and helping other people. Join our activities and have a good time with nice people around you!

Healthy walk with Lucie

Lucka Medricka

We are "hiring

Would you like to spend one of your lunch breaks on the fresh air and help at the same time? We accompany Lucka on the way from our office (Flora) to home (Namesti Miru).

       DATE:              sporadically but needed on Daily basis
       FREQUENCY:    10-12 times per month (1-2 times per person each month)
       TIME:              13:30-14:30
       PATH:              from Flora to Namesti Miru

You do not need to be SC member to register as volunteer. Once you are registered, we will send you more detailed information via email. Or you can direct your questions to Alice Ratajova or our shared mailbox. THANK YOU!