Which sport are you interested in? Please, let us know. There is almost 30 different sport/s activities which we can potentially organize for you within Social Club. Just let us know what would you like to start or continue with and we can implement new activities to our schedule soon. 

New HitFit courses 2020

HitFit classes
New HitFit classes over lunch break with professional trainers will be starting in 2nd week of September 2020. Registration possible only for the whole course (12 lessons). All sessions will be starting in September 2020, after minimum number of participants is registered to each class and after their payment is completed. These courses will finish prior to Christmas holidays. Payment possible via Benefity points or bank transfer. 

12 lessons per each course:
FITBOX: 1,000 CZK / 2,500 CZK nonSC (max 18 pax) > Mondays
PILATES: 1,000 CZK / 2,500 CZK nonSC (max 16 pax) > Tuesdays
YOGA: 1,000 CZK / 2,500 CZK nonSC (max 16 pax) > Thursday

Please register first and if you are within capacity of each class, you can pay the course to SC:
FitBox // Pilates // Yoga

Any class which will not reach the minimum required capacity may not be open. When you pay your class, you are buying a permission for yourself to attend that course. It is not possible to "re-sell" the classes to your friends. If you register for any course and attend only couple of classes and then cancel your registration, we will charge you full amount for the course or 200czk/class. 


Would you like to get fit and feel good? We have a perfect solution for you!
Training available in CZE & ENG language.


60 min of professional training 300 CZK / 400 CZK for 1 person
60 min of professional training 440 CZK / 660 CZK for 2 people

3,000 CZK // 3,600 CZK = 10 lessons for one person (prepaid)
4,000 CZK // 4,600 CZK = 10 lessons for two people together (prepaid)

250 CZK ... 1st trial training (60min) for 1 SC member only
350 CZK ... 1st trial training (60min) for 2 SC members at a time