The main benefit of Social Club is the fact that you can be part of it!
You also get a lot of other benefits.
And then you can also take part in all our activities together with your friends & colleagues!

Membership fee as of 1.1.2019

    1.600 CZK    – annual membership fee

       600 CZK    – 12 months (flexible) membership for EM employee (sponsored by the company)
      900 CZK    – 24 months (flexible) membership for EM employee (sponsored by the company) -50% for the second year

    1.000 CZK    – 12 months (flexible) membership for 5 of your friends/family members (Associated Others)



1. Fill in the registration form, print it, sign it and send to Pavla (Mail Point 2.3) or bring it to her desk B_528b, Lux. Additionally, you can also send us the scanned PDF via email , if you need to speed up your registration process.

2. Pay the SC membership fee:
          - Bank transfer into CSOB account no.: 216085509/0300
          - Bank transfer into Raiffeisen Bank account no.: 285603453/5500
          - Transfer your Flexxtyle points via Benefity a.s. to BSC Social Club online

3. Enjoy the activities and our benefits :-)

Payments for activities:

You can pay for all our ACTIVITIES the same way as described above.

Please note that your payments should arrive in full and you should not be splitting the amounts between two or more installements (Benefity/bank/etc.)

If you are paying via bank account, please send a snapshot of your payment to our email with a confirmation what have you paid for. Due to volume, we are not able to answer all your emails and confirm that your payment arrived, but we will for sure contact you if we are missing any of your payments.



DEALS available for SC members:


1. Raiffeisen Bank - bank account free of charge, mortgage discounts & more

2. Klokocka car delear - discounts for cars and services

3. T-Mobile - EMployee offer with discounted services

4. RE/MAX - real estate services, how to get a dream home

5. MultiSport - VIP sport card with 1 access to 1 facility everyday - see Sport page

6. Opel Partner - discounts on selected car models of Opel brand updated on quarterly basis

7. Century21 Ruby - All inclusive Real-estate services

8. BMW cars from Stratos Auto - providing leasing deals

9. Floradent - dental hygiene specialists - providing promo price and discount

10. Restaurants - Discounts in restaurants around our offices

Other discounts for yoga, fitness and other Deals in Restaurants  

All our activities with large DISCOUNTS

More information on this intranet link